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Actual prices may differ from those indicated below according to the particularities of the assignment (length, deadline, etc.)

Please contact us for an exact price quote.

English > German translations: € 1.50 per line
German > English translations: € 1.50 per line
Minimum charge: € 35.-

  • A line means 50 keystrokes, including spaces and paragraph breaks.
  • Prices are based on the number of lines in the translated text. An approximate price quote can be provided upon request.
  • A fixed price can also be provided in advance if necessary.
Additional services

Editing, proofreading and copywriting: € 55.- per hour
Document certification surcharge: € 15.- per document
Layout work: € 45.- per hour
Other services upon request

  • In some cases we offer price reductions for very large assignments.
  • The prices indicated above are subject to sales tax and are valid for the current year.
  • Our standard terms and conditions apply to all prices quoted and services offered.
  • Please ask about special prices for colleagues and translation agencies.